Love Lessons!

What can we learn about true “love” from Samson and Delilah? (If you need to be refreshed on their story, read Judges 16).

  1. “Love” is not enough. Samson “fell in love” with Delilah (Judges 16:4, NIV). But love (or was it lust?) without wisdom got him into big trouble. Always be sure to add wisdom to your love.
  2. Real love is priceless. Delilah was enticed by an enormous amount of money to deceive Samson. Watch out for lovers who can be bought.
  3. Love and lies don’t mix (including lies to ourselves). Both Samson and Delilah were lying to each other. If you think you are in love with a liar, you may be lying to yourself.
  4. Don’t shop for bargains when it comes to love (you tend to get what you pay for). Samson learned that getting “love” without marriage was no bargain in the end! What seems like a great deal on the front end can get quite costly later. And don’t lower your own price tag. If you sell yourself short, expect to be considered “cheap” by whoever got the bargain.
  5. Good relationships do not require ropes. If your partner keeps tying you up in your sleep (or when awake for that matter), you might want to reconsider that relationship.
  6. Don’t let your feelings be your guide. Enjoy them under healthy circumstances, but don’t seek them anywhere or follow them everywhere. Samson was controlled by his passions. He was tossed to and fro by lust and he lived and died for vengeance. Nothing weakens a strong man more than living on feelings.
  7. Excessive nagging can be harmful to your love (and your life). Delilah was effective as a nag because Samson forgot #1 above. Learn to discern legitimate encouragement and fair criticism from blatant manipulation.
  8. Real love comes on a two-way street (and stays on it too). Both Samson and Delilah loved the other on a one-way street. Maybe they were just using the other to love themselves.
  9. “It’s all about me” is a lousy way to love (in fact, it’s the opposite of love). Samson was a man of his turbulent times, which were defined rather selfishly: “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25, NASB).
  10. Real love should be able survive a bad hair day!

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