Holy Moly Matrimony

Here are your new thought rules:

  • Marriage is generally whatever anyone wants it to be (so long as politicians, lawyers or judges can be found to back them up) between consenting adults who feel like they are in love. It’s called, “marriage equality.” No one can be excluded.
  • Humans, like animals, don’t have any real moral choice about how they love or which gender they are drawn to. They just think and act on pure instinct and/or biological programming when it comes to sexual attitudes, attractions, proclivities and pursuits.
  • Public elementary school curriculums must change to reflect the new rules.

Any questions? Actually, I have a few:

  • Does “marriage equality” require marriage to be anything anyone wants it to be? If not, what limits or inequities are you willing to support; when, where, who, how and why? Too much thinking? Sorry, let’s move on.
  • Should gender have anything at all to do with our definition of marriage? Do we need any definition at all? Of course, under the new gender-free rules, “fatherhood” and “motherhood” must yield to “whateverhood.”
  • Should 55 people be free to “marry” if they so please? How about five? Three? Should marriage laws be like speed limit laws just to keep us safe?
  • Should we also respect bisexual marriage rights? If so, each consenting bisexual “spouse” would need to have a partner from both genders with which to alternate. And the other “loving” bisexual partners would also need multiple choices. Or is “holy matrimony” only for homosexuals and heterosexuals, thus discriminating against bisexuals?
  • Isn’t it a bit dehumanizing to claim that we have no choice in our attitudes, habits, identities, influences and inclinations regarding sexuality? Maybe we can explain the sexual orientations of dogs, cats and lab rats by saying they are “born that way,” but not human beings. Are we free moral agents or mere products of programmed forces that control us inside and out?

My Declaration of Independence:

As multiple definitions of marriage “evolve,” such terms as “husband”, “wife”, “father”, “mother”, “grandfather” and “grandmother” will become less meaningful. The state of California has already passed measures to cleanse public documents from such allegedly horrific and hateful terms. Moral ‘make-it-up-as-u-go-ism’ is the new wave.

Actually, definition is necessary for meaning to exist. Holy matrimony is the willing union between one man and one woman. Thus, “marriage equality” and “holy matrimony” cannot co-exist. Holy means “set apart” or “unique.” Its’ inherent boundaries are sacred. “Anything goes” is anti-holy. Jesus defined marriage, “from the beginning,” as two (male and female) becoming one. Then He added, “What God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Matthew 19:4-6). Now that’s holy!

I hereby declare my holy independence from the new thought rules of today.

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