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Life in Lewiston!

Life in Lewiston!

Moving to Lewiston, Idaho, in December of 2011 seemed like going back thirty years in time. Although no years were taken off of my life, a rich measure of peace of mind came with this “time travel.” Here are fifteen nifty reasons I am glad to live in Lewiston, ID:

  1. We have a classic “Main Street” here. The local businesses there thrive—quite humbly, I might add. Main Street shuts down for occasions like the Veterans Day Parade when honor is given to whom it is due. The flag-wavers are loved and respected and the Christians get no flack for wearing their faith joyfully (and respectfully) on their sleeves in public. “Parading” one’s faith is not frowned upon.
  2. The waitresses here call me “sweetheart” which can make my tipping go over the top sometimes. In fact, hearing the word “sweetheart” actually makes me think someone is talking to me.
  3. We have more bluegrass bands here than rivers. Okay, we have two historic rivers to inspire countless country tunes; the Clearwater River of Lewis and Clark fame and the Snake River that forged Hell’s Canyon. They converge in Lewiston, the deepest inland seaport in the West!
  4. I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know. It’s a powerful incentive to behave.
  5. The traffic lights do not take longer to change here, but every time they do, I lose one half to a full second waiting for the guy ahead of me to find his accelerator. But my big city impatience is finally beginning to lose its grip on me.
  6. Most high schools have “royalty” to celebrate each year. We have “Round-up Royalty!” Of course, a nice young girl in our church youth group is on the cowgirl court, or whatever they call it, and she does us proud. She gets to ride the local parade circuit, which keeps her busy.
  7. Nearly every vehicle is pulling something—a trailer bed, a boat, a 4-wheeler, a camper, a horse or a motorcycle. There’s always someone who can help you move your stuff. But we are very modern here: The horses still ride behind the vehicles rather than pulling them.
  8. I see deer hanging out in my backyard occasionally—probably the same ones who lurk around our front lawn at church some mornings.
  9. We host the baseball World Series every year in Lewiston, NAIA that is. After all, “we are the world!”
  10. The airport is three minutes away, but then, everything is three minutes away. Well, almost. Sometimes you are three minutes and six seconds away, depending on what the vehicle ahead of you is pulling.
  11. In Minnesota, one of my elders bugged me for years to get a cell phone. Here, an elder wants me to get a gun.
  12. Everyone comes to a full stop at stop signs, which bugged the bejeebers out of me when I first moved here from L.A. I’m over that, but it still bugs me when everyone at the intersection waits to give the right-of-way to everyone else and a mutual admiration society breaks out.
  13. Beautiful women here don’t seem to know they are beautiful, which makes them even more beautiful!
  14. Of course, the town newspaper is liberal, but nobody else is. Wait, that’s not true. One of my waitresses is and I don’t know anyone who works harder than she does. She’s a sweetheart!
  15. I get out more often. For the first time ever, I mow more often than I vacuum. I can’t see how it could get more exciting than that!

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Joel graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A., completing two majors: Art and Religion. He went on to earn the Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. The views expressed on this blog are personal and belong to Joel Solliday unless otherwise stated. They are not, intended to characterize the views of the Lewiston Church of Christ or other organizations to which I may refer.

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